FCA Authorisation Services


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Starting a new business has always been for the brave. With COVID-19 creating a high level of uncertainty, you're going to need to be braver and bolder.

The FCA remain open and will be authorising new firms, but we're expecting it to be a quieter time for progressing new applications. A potential window of opportunity.

You can only claim once for a grant of this type, however, even if you operate from more than one business premises.

To support the brave and the bold we’re offering incentives to help your cash flow and funding. Get in touch now to discuss your business idea and how we can help you.


Here at the Skylite Group we’ve successfully managed multiple authorisations and regularly interact with the FCA.

Our award winning FCA authorisations service has been recognised for its efficiency, effectiveness and quality. We know the process and what the FCA are looking for - minimising the time you spend and getting you authorised in the fastest possible time.

Our team of ex-regulators, industry practitioners and subject matter experts have experience dealing with many types of application and with the FCA sandbox.

Helping asset managers, banks, consumer credit, insurance, mortgages, asset managers, broker/dealers, banks, innovative fintechs and payment firms that are bringing new services to market.


  • Pre-instruction consultation to discuss authorisation and provide advice on permissions required, capital, costs and expected management resourcing
  • Dedicated Consultant managing the entire process, one point of contact who is on hand to answer your questions and liaise with the FCA to point of authorisation
  • We will tailor our service to your requirements. Talking through your business model, what being regulated means and what you need to do to get authorised
  • Preparation of your FCA application pack, including regulatory business plan and relevant policies and procedures
  • Handover meeting post authorisation giving you practical advice on how to operate as a regulated firm, with compliance manuals and frameworks provided to support



  1. Information Gathering

    To kick off we’ll need to establish which of your business activities are regulated, and the implications of this. We’ll set up a time to discuss your business model, internal controls around governance, risk and compliance, as well as the key individuals at your firm. Following this we’ll be able to determine exactly which 'permissions' you require. We then move to our process of compiling all the information required in order to build your information pack. We will guide you through what we need to know and ensure we’ve got everything the FCA require.

  2. Application Creation

    Having provided us with the information we need, it’s over to us to tailor your application pack. The contents of the application pack varies for every single company, depending on the scale and complexity of your business model. We will create policies and procedures, your Regulatory Business Plan, Compliance Monitoring Programme and any other relevant documentation required. We know what the FCA are looking for when they review a firm’s application and will work with you to ensure we answer any questions first time round, helping to avoid delays further in the process.
    Once we’ve completed the application pack, we’ll send it to you for a final review.

  3. Application Managment

    All FCA authorisation applications are submitted online via the FCA’s Connect system and we’ll take care of this for you. It’s at this point you’ll need to pay your application fees.
    From here the FCA will acknowledge receipt of your application and your Case Officer is appointed. This will be where the FCA may ask questions on your application and we’ll be on hand to help ensure responses are professionally worded and provide the information being requested. If further discussions with the FCA are required your Consultant will be available for this.

  4. Authorisation

    Prior to authorisation you’ll be “Minded to Authorise”, it’s here the FCA may need to ask you to complete certain conditions. We’ll guide you through how to satisfy these requests, once met the FCA will typically authorise you within 24 hours.
    Once you are authorised you will have to comply with FCA rules and the various commitments made to the FCA within the application. We will set up a handover meeting, providing you with your compliance manual and framework and talking you through what you need to do in practice to comply with the FCA’s rules.